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Airbrush Tanning
Q~ What is the difference between airbrushing and a spray booth?
A~ Airbrushing is done by a professional technician who sprays your body as opposed to a booth full of nozzles that shoot solution on you.  The benefit of airbrushing is that your tan will look natural and even and tends to last longer than a booth spray.

Q~ How long will my airbrush last?
A~ Typically between 7-10 days.  The more moisturized your skin is, the longer it will last.  It is extremely important to follow all maintenance recommendations.

Q~ How do I prepare for my airbrush?
A~ At least 6 hours prior to your appointment, shower and exfoliate your skin.  Do not apply any lotions, oils, or deodorants of any kind.  These products will interfere with the sunless solution and could result in your airbrush tan being less than perfect.  Loose fitting clothing such as sun dresses, tee shirts, & lounge pants are recommended to wear immediately after your session.

Q~ What do I wear during my airbrush session?
A~ Most women prefer no clothing to avoid tan lines.  However 
      some women find they are more comfortable wearing a bikini or lingerie.
      Men must wear an undergarment such as boxers, briefs or swim shorts.

Q~ How long will my airbrush session take?
A~ Times vary between 15-30 minutes depending on the client's needs.

Q~ How soon can I shower after my session?
A~ We recommend waiting 10-12 hours to shower to allow your tan to fully develop.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT GET WET, DO NOT BATHE, WORK OUT, SWEAT, OR SWIM UNTIL AFTER YOUR FIRST SHOWER.

Q~ How do I maintain my airbrush?
A~ *Use gentle body wash or shower gel
      *Avoid bar soap due to the alkaline content which strips away the tan
      *Do not exfoliate your skin 
      *Do not use a washcloth or loofah when showering
      *Moisturize twice daily with alcohol-free lotion. Hydrated skin will prolong the life of your tan and help with even fading.
Q~ How many sessions do I need before I will see results?
A~ For most people one session is perfect.  However, in the rare case of someone wanting to be exceptionally dark they may benefit from an additional session.  It is best to discuss this with your technician prior to booking.

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